Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I traveled through the Dominican to provide relief aid in Haiti following the 2010 Earthquake. The Haiti airport was not yet open to flights so we fly into Santo Domingo and spent a night in the guest house of a local doctor family. I went with an Organization called Crisis Relief International. They are very good at what they do, and I encourage you to look into them if you ever want to be a part of a relief team.

Here are some shots of our team at the guest house, and dinner the night we landed.

We drove from Santo Domingo to Port A’ Prince – it is a very, very long drive- a portion on the coastal line. And then you get to the boarder. I have never seen such a drastic change from one country to another as the Dominican Republic to Haiti.


When we returned from Haiti, we spent our last evening at a resort beach open to public with beautiful white sand.

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