Garden of the Gods; CO Springs

Over the past few months I have set myself on a personal journey to expand my definition of beauty. For me, finding beauty in nature is easy, but finding beauty in the day to day of life and relationships is more difficult. As I sat at the Garden of the Gods on top rocks I climbed I began to question what about this scene makes it beautiful. You see, Garden of the God’s is named because of the rock structures created from water and sand erosion. The contrasting colors and textures from the bright yellow trees, the dark green pine trees, and the red rocks creats a scene that cannot be recreated.  The various textures created by the trees, mountains, rocks, and sands set against the back drop of any even bigger mountain. It seems almost chaotic at first glance; no really pattern or reason for how things are layed out, yet that vary chaos is what makes it beautiful. 


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