Gold Belt Byway – CO

The Gold Belt Bypass is a series of roads that go through some of the most beautiful scenery south of CO Springs. We took the route through Florissant and Phantom Canyon. The hyperlinks go to blogs specific on those two areas.


The route was one of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. As I said in my earlier post, I am working on a personal agenda to expand my definition of Beautiful. As I think through this journey, I think about the chaos of the foliage, the varying colors (yellows, greens, reds) the red sand, brown rocks, dried creeks, all mixed together in a chaotic array. That mixed with the adrenal of a road, a mini should probably not travel, resulted in a sense of breath-taking awe. The depth of the colors, the never ending changes of textures to observe. The extreme sense of smallness brought about by the mountains and canyons. Words, nor pictures, can truly give justice to this experience.

Some more photos from the route on the Gold Belt Byway:


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