Phantom Canyon

Phantom Canyon is located on the Gold Belt Byway.

I have never in my life felt so small, and powerless as I did in the midst of the canyon. I have been through a lot in my short life, so to find a location that made me feel more powerless than ever before is quiet the feat, one I never thought would be possible.

In the midst of the Canyon you are surrounded by wild life and encased in a range of mountains and rocks. There is no escape, no ditching out of the path, once you start. It is quiet frightening even, as you travel the one lane dirt roads, knowing you cannot turn back, and you have to embrace the finish.

We had to overcome whatever we faced on the next turn. I often think that feeling small, feeling powerless, results in seeing our own resistance, perseverance, and will to live. These very traits, that are not unique to humans, are true beauty of ones character.

phantom canyon, colorado, october 2016. Our 1 year wedding anniversary. 


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