Month At A Glance: October 2016

October is one of my favorite months of the year: it’s my anniversary and it’s fall! This year, it was all the resurgence of my travel blog and the joy I get from remembering my times away from the daily grind. These memories keep me pushing through the day to day. To keep me motivated, I want to do a monthly recap of what happened, and what I posted. I am still in the process of getting my past travels documented so I wont include those in these posts.

Blogs Posted (that actually occurred this month):

Colorado Trip:                                                        Challenges:

Pikes Peak, CO                                                        ONE

Phantom Canyon                                                   Hills                                                               

Florissant, CO                                                           Kansas City:

Gold Belt Byway, CO                                               Fall in Kansas City

Colorado Springs                                                    Other: 

Red Rock Canyon, CO                                            Where my Feet have been

Garden of the Gods                                                Hays, KS

CO Springs, Sunsets

Mt. Herman Road

What I learned: CO 2016



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