Lydia Trail to Blue River , KC


I’m sure this will come as no surprise to many of you reading this, but Kansas is not exactly known for its hiking trails. However, today Jason and I discovered one near our home.

This trail is is closest to a hiking, and not walking, trail I have experienced since I moved to KC 5 years ago. The best part, it is only half a mile from my house. Lord knows, I will be hanging out here more. The fall colors were beautiful!


As the name alludes to, the trail follows a small river known as the Blue River. We found an off the beaten path trail down to a rock bar and got some beautiful shots while skipping stones to pass the day.

This river bed reminded me of home, and of my dad. As a kid, my dad would take my siblings and I to a sand bar off the Iowa river to fish and drink. The first glimpse I got of this spot immediately reminded me of the good times we had here. He passed away 6 years ago, and we spread his ashes in the river. This new place has a very, very sweet spot in my heart.



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