Hotel Review: The Royal Resort

The Royal Resort: cancun

I feel as though I have 100 good and negative things to say about this hotel. Let me first say that I booked the Grand side of this resort (better all-inclusive deals) for my Bachelorette party the month before my wedding.

Now: some photos

Now: bullet points

  • Sand: perfect
  • Ocean view: its okay, not quite what I was expecting, but still pretty, especially at sun set
  • late night snack: THE BEST
  • Spa: also amazing
  • Food- will likely give you food poisoning. If you don’t believe me, ask my bridesmaid. That’s right, we all got it. We had to cancel all of our fun excursions (scuba diving, and kayaking) and missed one of the two full days we had at the resort. However, the hotel doctor was incredibly polite and went above and beyond for us. The hotel covered our medications (once we payed to verify we had food poising from the hotel). And refunded our trips we could not attend.

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