Old Red Bridge, Kansas City

The Kansas City Old red bridge is our version of the Paris Love Bridge. 

Check out this news article about the day it became our love bridge: https://www.google.com/amp/fox4kc.com/2016/02/12/the-story-behind-the-kc-love-lock-bridge/amp/?client=safari

The old red bridge, use to be the only red bridge, and it resides just before the MO and KS state line. 

The new red bridge was finally opened a few years ago. They created it as a memorial to several highly influential people with sculptures and information as you walk across. It’s quite amazing! 

Jason and I got a few good shots to share our love with each other and all of you. 

And then I got the honor of taking photos for my sister and her family! 

The bridge has even become a semi-popular place for outdoor weddings throughout the spring and summer. It’s weird to think that this bridge I once drove down every day for years is now a Kansas City highlight and wedding venue. Crazy how fast time changes everything. 


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