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Port Au’ Prince, Haiti

When I was in Haiti with Crisis Relief International we had a home base in Port Au’ Prince that our organization established. It provided safe shelter and meals for 400+ doctors who came from all around the world to provide relief. I spent very few days on the base helping with day to day logistics as I was out in the field a lot but the days I got to spend there, serving those who were out serving, was truly humbling. I meant some of the most amazing people I have ever met during this time.


And the destruction left us all speechless.

Petit Goave, Haiti

I spent my second in week in Haiti at Petit Goave. Petit Goave is about a 2 hour drive from the capital and sits on the coast. It is beautiful. I got to partner with another group that set up a pop-up 24 hour ER and Clinic to help the overcrowding hospitals. I had the privilege of running the pharmacy and working with Haitian, Spanish, and American providers. The things we witnessed were both tragic and miraculous.

Leogone, Haiti

Leogone was the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake that all but eliminated Haiti from the map. I spent close to a week working with a portion of my team at an Orphanage in Leogone doing demolition work during the day and leading worship in the evenings. The orphanage was run by the Dezmen Fleury Foundation.

Haiti was my first experience outside of north america and I am beyond blessed to have been with this team to experience the love and the culture of Haiti.