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Hiking Kansas City: South Shore Trail



Believe it or not; there are many good hiking spots in Kansas City. I’ve recently been wandering the trails of Shawnee Mission Park. I started with the dog park trails, for obvious reasons. My last adventure was the South Shore trail


Sadly, I was not able to hike the whole 3 miles; we recently had a major storm and the trail was really just a mud bath. I desperately wanted to play with our new Canon however, and the weather was beautiful.

I cannot speak much to the quality of the trail on a normal day. Or to the adventures that await further down the trail. But I can speak to (more like show) some of the beauty I was able to bare witness too.

Of course, some time near water is always worth the hike too. Glad to start getting some practice with the new camera before our upcoming trip!

Hiking Kansas City: Blue River Parkway




One of my goals from last year, and moving into this year, is to explore the world that exists in my own town, my backyard, my daily life. Part of this adventure, has been exploring the hiking trails of Kansas City. More often than not, I end up at the Blue River Parkway.

There are several trail routes within the Blue River parkway: The river trail, basement trail, oxbow trail, lydia trail, and more. I have posts on some of these trails individually- follow the links if you are interested. These trails are created and maintained by the community that uses them. Most communication is done through their facebook page! It’s pretty amazing actually.

I never realized how great the hiking trails in KC could actually be. Sure, there’s no mountain view, red rock formations, or ocean coastline. However, there are hills, nature, animals, waters, and a good ole’ hiking experience.

I truly believe this is a MUST DO trail in kansas city.

Hiking Kansas City: River trail in winter 

I’ve hiked the river trail before. It’s one of my favorites and I enjoy seeing it change with the seasons, and ware of others footsteps.

When the days are hard and the weeks are long, there is nothing more healing than a breathe of fresh air and a touch of the water. Water is such a magical thing.

Every time you touch a stream of water, there is a chance you are touching the ocean. Think of all the places that drop of water could have been: the ocean, the attic, the sky, the coasts of spain, the gils of a rainbow fish, the lake top of a volcano. This is why water is so healing, so magical. It regrounds us. It reconnects us. It makes as one with each other and the world around us.

I hope these photos of the river and the woods Hybeenating away the winter, can rejuivante you as much as it did me.

Restaurant Review: Brio, Kansas City. 

Brio, a small Tuscan grille located on the Plaza in KC MO. I must confess, I’ve ate happy hour here many times, and never wrote a review. This past week, I finally went during their lunch hours with a co-worker. This means no view pictures that only occur on the happy hour floor. But, enjoy some food photos. 

PS: try the imported peach tea. It’s worth it.