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Mirroring to Insta

I am starting on a new adventure to mirror my blog and my instagram together more. Follow me on insta (fr33sp1r1t.traveler). All of my travel photos have a second version behind them sharing mental health stats and self care strategies. You will notice my photos have a pink hue to them- this is pink is a known color of compassion, nurture, insight, and empathy. My core values as a professional, a person, and a traveler. 

Thank you to all my followers. 



Blog Setup

This travel blog is being formed, well, past the time of most of these travels.. I’ve been too buys traveling to blog. ūüėČ you know the deal.

There is a “Locations” page up top that has a list of all my travel spots by country/state/town which will be hyperlinked to the blog post about that location. At this point, they will be posted in the order they are on the locations page until I get caught up and have new adventures to share.¬†

Also, if you have any travel recommendations, let me know where and why!  Thanks for reading.



And yet,  another travel blog is born.  So what makes this one unique? Nothing much really- like I said, it is just another travel blog.

One Girl-> a mini cooper -> airplane tickets -> friends -> and a camera. All documented on this blog for you to enjoy, so I hope you do.

Also- in case you’re interested, I have a “professional blog” based on Eating Disorder Recovery that can be found at