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Hiking Kansas City: South Shore Trail



Believe it or not; there are many good hiking spots in Kansas City. I’ve recently been wandering the trails of Shawnee Mission Park. I started with the dog park trails, for obvious reasons. My last adventure was the South Shore trail


Sadly, I was not able to hike the whole 3 miles; we recently had a major storm and the trail was really just a mud bath. I desperately wanted to play with our new Canon however, and the weather was beautiful.

I cannot speak much to the quality of the trail on a normal day. Or to the adventures that await further down the trail. But I can speak to (more like show) some of the beauty I was able to bare witness too.

Of course, some time near water is always worth the hike too. Glad to start getting some practice with the new camera before our upcoming trip!

Oh, The Places you Will (unfortunately) Go.

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act.” – Dr. Seuss

It’s an unspoken, and not always followed rule, in the travel blogging community to write about travel experiences in a positive light. To enlighten each other about the culture, food, photography, hotels, ext of a new place is the goal. Yet today, I want to give space to those places I have been, that just didn’t do it for me. I am sure others will disagree with this list, and have great memories to share that were created in these cities. Yet for me, I will likely pass next time someone suggests a travel spot.

I’ll start with cities in the USA:

  1. Las Vegas, NV

I’ve been to Vegas a few times, in 2013 for a friends 21st birthday and again in 2016 for my brother’s wedding. My second trip to Vegas did come close to redeeming the city for me, buuuuuutttt, it’s still on my not-so-impressed city list. My 2013 trip, a friends 21st birthday, sounds like a great idea expect that it was 104 degrees the whole time (no exaggeration), we had a group of 10 people who couldn’t agree on what to do or how much money to spend, and I was the oldest in the bunch. I also got food poisoning right before the flight back to KC… nothing quiet as terrible as throwing up on an airplane. My second trip to Vegas, also included me throwing up on public transportation- a bus this time however, because my blood sugars crashed. Advice to self for the next socailly required trip to Vegas: Go hiking in the red rocks, avoid throwing up.


*In Nevada, only 31% of adults with mental health issues receive treatment*


2. Brason, MO

Branson is probably not a place that anyone reading this blog has ever thought to travel too but just in case you’re thinking about it, don’t. Branson is the town that gives Missouri the phrase “The Show-Me State.” It is basically, the mid-west and mid-western version of Las Vegas. Filled with live shows, music, and bars. It’s most known for its park, Silver Dollar City. My parent’s own time share in Branson, so to say I have spent a decent amount of time here would be an understatement. These trips are often dripping in family drama and unsettled arguments. It’s not a bad spot to get away and isolate for a long-weekend if you live near by. But don’t go out of your way. It’s only saves for me are a) table rock lake, located just north of the city and b) the fish hatchery.

*Relaxation reduces stress and the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression,anxiety and schizophrenia.*

3. Seattle, WA

My so-so experience in Seattle probably has more to do with my preset expectations of the city than my actual experience. Overall my time in Seattle was not plagued with family drama, vomit, or robbery but there were not highlight moments like one expects from such an overly talked about and evaluated city. A must-do: The sculpture garden and space needle (duh). If I must go back, I plan to make a hike part of the experience. Less time City, More time Mountains always makes travel better. Spokane was a much better representation of Washington for me.

*A large number of studies in the past few decades support a link between creativity and mental illnesses. Read more here *

4. Paris, France

I feel as though Paris is a rather polarizing city when it comes to the “like/dislike” conversation. I have sucumbed to the fact that I must give Paris another chance since my experience was only a day long. I saw that Eiffel tower, Notre Dam, ate good food, went shopping, and had a group try to pick pocket me. It was a truly awful experience that makes me never want to go back: A group of teens/young adults surrounded me with clipboards held around my face, banging and screaming to distract me, so they could get my phone. Luckly, I knew what was going on, and got my phone back. But I now have, a very small desire, to ever return. Seeing the Louvre is the only reason I would go back.

*French people are the most likely to suffer from a “major depressive episode” in their lifetimes (article)*

Other places that could also make this list: Cancun MX and Vancouver CN. What are places you have been less than impressed with during your travels?

Hiking Kansas City: Blue River Parkway




One of my goals from last year, and moving into this year, is to explore the world that exists in my own town, my backyard, my daily life. Part of this adventure, has been exploring the hiking trails of Kansas City. More often than not, I end up at the Blue River Parkway.

There are several trail routes within the Blue River parkway: The river trail, basement trail, oxbow trail, lydia trail, and more. I have posts on some of these trails individually- follow the links if you are interested. These trails are created and maintained by the community that uses them. Most communication is done through their facebook page! It’s pretty amazing actually.

I never realized how great the hiking trails in KC could actually be. Sure, there’s no mountain view, red rock formations, or ocean coastline. However, there are hills, nature, animals, waters, and a good ole’ hiking experience.

I truly believe this is a MUST DO trail in kansas city.

Hiking Kansas City: River trail in winter 

I’ve hiked the river trail before. It’s one of my favorites and I enjoy seeing it change with the seasons, and ware of others footsteps.

When the days are hard and the weeks are long, there is nothing more healing than a breathe of fresh air and a touch of the water. Water is such a magical thing.

Every time you touch a stream of water, there is a chance you are touching the ocean. Think of all the places that drop of water could have been: the ocean, the attic, the sky, the coasts of spain, the gils of a rainbow fish, the lake top of a volcano. This is why water is so healing, so magical. It regrounds us. It reconnects us. It makes as one with each other and the world around us.

I hope these photos of the river and the woods Hybeenating away the winter, can rejuivante you as much as it did me.

Restaurant Review: Brio, Kansas City. 

Brio, a small Tuscan grille located on the Plaza in KC MO. I must confess, I’ve ate happy hour here many times, and never wrote a review. This past week, I finally went during their lunch hours with a co-worker. This means no view pictures that only occur on the happy hour floor. But, enjoy some food photos. 

PS: try the imported peach tea. It’s worth it. 

2016 Travel Review

There are times in our lives when we have to realize our past is precisely what it is, and we cannot change it. But we can change the story we tell ourselves about it, and by doing that, we can change the future. -Eleanor Brown

In true travel blog fashion, as the year comes to an end, it gives us all a chance to reflect on our travels, our lives, our journeys. What we learned, what worked, what didn’t work.

So here we go:

January into February was spent in Florida with my bestie, BK.

This trip reminded me why I love solo travel, and how blessed I am by my friends. But for real, a good dinner by yourself in an airport is amazing. Check my blogs on Ft. Lauderdale and Key West if you want to see how we took on south Florida

April, a road trip to Texas.

This trip, unplanned, was the result of a death in my family. This year has come with a lot of loss in my family. Many opportunities to explore my gratitude for life, adventure, and love. I made the most of it and saw a good friend along the way. A friend who understands that nature (and shopping) is what I need in order to heal and move forward.

May, Las Vegas

My brother married his new bride at the little white chapel. The family tagged along. This was not my first trip to LV but it was by far my favorite time in LV.

October, Colorado Springs

The husband and I made a pact when we got married that we would spend our anniversary traveling. Remembering each other, and our promises. A chance to step away and evaluate our relationship. How we had grown, what we learned, and what our goals are. This year we stayed in the USA, and went hiking in CO.

Kansas City, Im so in love 

Gypsy woman, you know every place I go Even a thousand miles away from home You don’t care if I’m asleep or I’m awake This fickle heart just turn to stone 

      I’m going back to Kansas City 


Similarly to Austin and Amsterdam; Kansas City has its own city love, city pride, sign. 

Located at 1919 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City Missouri. 

Sometimes; a picture with the city sign is exactly what you need to show off your travels! 

Amsterdam; Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri

Old Red Bridge, Kansas City

The Kansas City Old red bridge is our version of the Paris Love Bridge. 

Check out this news article about the day it became our love bridge:

The old red bridge, use to be the only red bridge, and it resides just before the MO and KS state line. 

The new red bridge was finally opened a few years ago. They created it as a memorial to several highly influential people with sculptures and information as you walk across. It’s quite amazing! 

Jason and I got a few good shots to share our love with each other and all of you. 

And then I got the honor of taking photos for my sister and her family! 

The bridge has even become a semi-popular place for outdoor weddings throughout the spring and summer. It’s weird to think that this bridge I once drove down every day for years is now a Kansas City highlight and wedding venue. Crazy how fast time changes everything.