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Hotel Review: Old Nickle

The first night I ever spent in Europe was at the Old Nickle hotel in Amsterdam. Let me sum this up by saying if I return to Amsterdam, I will be staying at Old Nickle, and I always recommend it to those on their way.

Follow this link to book a room and read reviews of others.

The rooms are located above a small and quaint pub that is clearly only visited by the locals. This initially really turned me off for fear of loud, sleepless, nights. But that was never the case. The locals were always nice and the bartender/owner helped us out of several travel pofaws we found ourselves enthralled. 

We stayed in a room with 3 beds. The beds were incredibly comfortable. Honestly cannot stress that point enough. They were amazing. Maybe that is the hangover effect of a sleepless jet plane, but I stand by my review. 

The only down side to be prepared for when staying here, you will be sharing the bathroom with the other bedrooms on the floor, as in true hostel form. Lucky for us, noone else was on our floor! So all those post pub crawl nights of consequences were not an inconvience to anyone but ourselves. 


Hotel Review: The Royal Resort

The Royal Resort: cancun

I feel as though I have 100 good and negative things to say about this hotel. Let me first say that I booked the Grand side of this resort (better all-inclusive deals) for my Bachelorette party the month before my wedding.

Now: some photos

Now: bullet points

  • Sand: perfect
  • Ocean view: its okay, not quite what I was expecting, but still pretty, especially at sun set
  • late night snack: THE BEST
  • Spa: also amazing
  • Food- will likely give you food poisoning. If you don’t believe me, ask my bridesmaid. That’s right, we all got it. We had to cancel all of our fun excursions (scuba diving, and kayaking) and missed one of the two full days we had at the resort. However, the hotel doctor was incredibly polite and went above and beyond for us. The hotel covered our medications (once we payed to verify we had food poising from the hotel). And refunded our trips we could not attend.

Hotel Review: Hotel de la Tour Eiffel

Caroline and I stayed in separate rooms during our time in Paris (one whole night). She definitely won the best room (pent room)! We stayed at the Hotel de la Tour Eiffel.

Here are some photos from our rooms:

We paid about 60 euro for a night in a room with a view of the tower! A comfortable bed, BATH TUB, tv and incredibly nice staff who weren’t judgmental (or rude) at our english speaking ways.

A great place to stay on a budget or not.

Hotel Review: Sao Miguel Park Hotel

Located between the city center of Ponta Delgada and walking distance to the marina is the Sao Miguel Park Hotel.


Hotel Sao Miguel Park

Rua Manuel Augusto Amaral

Ponta Delgada 9500-150

Phone: +351-296-306-000

View from our room

I highly recommend this hotel for a stay on the Sao Miguel island. It was well priced with a great location (walking distance to shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and the marina).

Amenities: Full restaurant, Full bar,  outdoor pool, rec room, and even offered child care in their child care room for those of you needing a few hours without the kiddos. 100% worth your time to check this place out if you ever end up on the Island.