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Restaurant Review: Brio, Kansas City. 

Brio, a small Tuscan grille located on the Plaza in KC MO. I must confess, I’ve ate happy hour here many times, and never wrote a review. This past week, I finally went during their lunch hours with a co-worker. This means no view pictures that only occur on the happy hour floor. But, enjoy some food photos. 

PS: try the imported peach tea. It’s worth it. 

Travel Theme: Hills

I recently connected with another travel blogger; Ailsa. Every week she posts a travel theme and challenges others to post along. So I’ve decided to join the movement. This weeks theme is “hills

I love these challenges because it makes me re-process all of my travels, and all of my photos, over again. So here are a few:


Olympia Park in Munchen Germany. Photo taken from the top of a Farris Wheel during a Carnival. In the middle of the lake is a floating MINI Cooper… you all know how exciting this was to me.


Upstate New York at a house my Husband and I stayed in during our Honeymoon. Love the East Coast in the fall.


The Church on the Hill is a famous stop in Ponta Del’ Gada on the Azores Islands. There is a step for each bead of the rosary and you are expected to pray as you walk to the top.


Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio Texas. This is from my latest trip to San Antonio. I had been several times up to this point, and never knew the Garden existed. Not sure how this one escaped so many times; it is beautiful.

These two hills are taken from my neighborhood. I have learned over the past few years, as I continue to catch up my “locations” on this blog, that travel and a love for travel, is not just about a destination. Its about cultivating a spirit of adventure and curiosity. Its the ability to find beauty in nature, culture, life and surroundings. I have learned (am learning?) how to see these things in my day-to-day life, in my own city. This has been one of the biggest challenges I have put on myself. So here it is, the beauty of the hills I see every day as I drive to and from my home.

Fall in Kansas City

Fall is finally hitting our trees here in Kansas City.

For me, fall has not always been my favorite time of the year. Growing up fall was the beginning of the school year which implied another long set of months being bullied. Then as I grew up it become the time of year to represent the ending of relationships, other not so great experiences, and then in 2010 the passing of my father.

However, in the past few years I have worked hard to redefine fall in my life. I got married last fall, and enjoyed an amazing honeymoon in the Azores. I am embracing the biblical significance of fall being a time to rid yourself of the negatives, the things that need changed and to start prioritizing the things I want to carry into the winter, and grow through the spring.

Now, Fall is a time to rejoice the ending and beginning of new chapters in my life, and in the lives of those around me.